Skin Gear

Electric Facial Gua Sha


Level up your traditional Gua Sha! SkinGear’s Electric Facial Gua Sha helps to restore glow and firmness to the face when used with any beauty serum, eye cream, or your favourite moisturizer. Experience the fusion of 4 treatments in 1 tool! This facial massager uses micro-electronic control combined with heating, vibration, and LED functions to promote product penetration, excrete toxins, and repair damaged skin.


  • Blue LED light targets bacteria, sebum production, and nodules.
  • Red LED light effectively prevents skin laxity and aging skin.
  • Improves under eye and neck wrinkles.
  • Promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Cleanse face and hands. Apply your favourite facial oil (anywhere from 4-10 drops), covering the face and neck.
Glide across the jawline, cheeks upward motion – optional turn on red or blue LED light.
After each use, wipe clean using cloth and remove any product residue.

Skingear YouTube Video: How to Use Electric Gua Sha

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