Sweet Expressions Medispa

High Vibrational Mist


This is a smoke-free solution in place of a smudge stick. You can take this mist anywhere with you and have multiple bottles around the house/office.

Spray over your bed before you go to sleep. It will help clear the air/energy around your bed and help you relax.
Spray around your house after your usual smudging, this will maximize the effects.
Shake, Spray & Vibe Higher!

To be used; when you are sharing space with known negatively charged person or a narcissist. When you are in a space you are unfamiliar with or not usually in like hotels, rentals or hospitals. When you just had a negatively charged situation or experience. When you feel energetically depleted/depressed/heavy/stressed/unmotivated. When you feel negative energy/entities/spirits around you/the space you are in. When you are feeling hot with a temperature/hormones/energy.

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