Advanced C Infusion Serum


Get brighter. 

Description: The Dermaquest Advanced C Infusion Serum features a creamy, multifunctional formula designed to provide support for the skin.

Functionality: With regular application, the serum aims to address various skin concerns, potentially offering assistance to the skin without making explicit promises.

Mechanism: Formulated with a stable form of vitamin C and ferulic acid, the serum is intended to deliver active ingredients effectively to the skin, potentially supporting its health and appearance.

  • BV-OSC, a stable form of vitamin C, and Intencify, a natural enhancer, are included to potentially contribute to skin health, though individual responses may vary.
  • Ferulic acid acts as an antioxidant, potentially supporting the longevity of the product's ingredients without guaranteed outcomes.
  • Prebiotics and other components are included to potentially restore skin balance and strengthen its defense system, though individual responses may differ.

Delivery: The serum features a time-released delivery system and efficient vehicle to facilitate ingredient penetration, aiming to offer support to the skin without explicit promises.

Benefits: While the serum aims to provide tightening, moisturizing, and rejuvenating effects, the extent of these potential benefits may vary depending on individual factors and usage.

  • Agefinity™, a component aimed at restructuring the skin matrix, may offer potential support for skin health and appearance, though individual experiences may vary.

Overall, the Dermaquest Advanced C Infusion Serum offers a comprehensive approach to skincare, potentially providing support to the skin without making explicit claims or guarantees.

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